Evermerge MOD APK v1.49.0 (Unlimited Money, Free Shopping)

Evermerge MOD APK

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July 15, 2024


Big Fish Games


7.0 and up




142.84 MB

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  • Unlimited Money And Rubies
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Unlimited Energy
  • Unlimited Everything
  • Remove Ads

Enjoy a magical world in Evermerge mod APK. Restore a broken land with unlimited rubies, money, diamonds, energy, and everything. Your main objective is to merge the objects into useful and valuable items to bring back harmony to that land. In this, you go on a quest with the mission to reunite the broken and fragmented pieces of a once prosperous land that was shattered into pieces by a wicked curse.

Evermerge Hack APK

 Big Fish Games has developed this puzzle game specifically for kids, who love fairy tales. If you want to explore the beautiful fairyland and interact with your favorite fairytale characters, you can download the Evermerge APK from the Google Play Store. Alternatively, you can also get the modified version from our secure link. 

Evermerge APK Information

NameEvermerge APK
Size142.84 MB
PublisherBig Fish Games
Supported ForAndroid Only
Android Requires7.0 and up
File Type.APK
Rating Value4.6 / 5
Rating Counts29534
Released OnMay 4, 2020
Price100% Free
Last UpdatedJuly 15, 2024

A Game Overview Of Evermerge APK 

This is an Android game that combines puzzles and fairy tales. This is a story of a land that once was flourishing, filled with magical creatures, and fascinating fairy tales characters. However, it gets blanketed by a mysterious fog due to a curse that hides all the objects, characters, and creatures. Now it’s your mission to remove the fog and revive the former glory of the place. The Evermerge APK resembles the classic 3 puzzle game in which we merge identical items to create a better object simply by touching the screen. We can harvest crops, build houses, find treasures, and grow food. By merging similar items, we evolve everything into a more advanced and beautiful form. 

A Game Overview Of Evermerge Mod APK 

In Evermerge Mod APK with unlimited diamonds, we can further develop the land by turning dead stumps into fruit trees and small sprouts into big majestic trees. Additionally, by combining three small houses, we can make a larger one. Similarly, merging two small chests grants us a large treasure chest. We need to play and combine the items strategically to unlock buildings, new characters, creatures, and resources. For all the above activities, we need unlimited energy that we can only get in Evermerge Mod APK. In the same way, we keep on merging the items. This will lift the fog and the inherent beauty will start to appear.

Discovering Fairy Tales Characters

EverMerge Hack APK also included quests and challenges that drive the story forward. We not only create characters by linking axes but can also meet with famous fairy tale characters. These characters give us a few puzzles to solve. In the Evermerge Mod version, we can unlock all the resources and levels with unlimited everything and money so we combine the objects endlessly and keep on expanding our land.

Features Of Evermerge

Unlimited Money

Money is necessary for Evermerge APK to obtain items. Moreover, you can buy better food with this money. This can all be worry-free with unlimited money, which is only provided by a modified version same as Build a Bridge MOD APK.

Unlimited Rubies

In the pro version, unlimited rubies help us unlock various characters and explore other magical lands.

Unlimited Diamonds

We can get valuable resources, increase our progress, and unlock exclusive in-game content with unlimited diamonds same as the Merge Mansion MOD APK.

Unlimited Diamonds

Unlimited Energy

In this puzzle game for Android, we need the energy to merge and continuously build things. However, in the updated game,  the ads for energy don’t work, therefore the only way to get unlimited energy is by using the modified version.

Unlimited Everything

The pro version of Evermerge Hack APK provides a comprehensive feature called Unlimited Everything. With this, we can get abundant resources and obtain as many speed boosters as we desire to move forward in the game just like Matchington Mansion MOD APK

Free Shopping

This amazing feature of the new version is very helpful for building our island in the way we want. With free shopping, we can purchase any item to create any desired character or a unique object. We also have Sand Balls MOD APK from our website.

Expand Your Land

In modded APK, with unlimited money and gems, we can expand our land endlessly. We can merge dozens of new things, every time we expand our land. In this way, the land becomes bigger, and new buildings and creatures appear, each with its unique storyline. It means that the gaming experience keeps getting better with no limits. Now, you can also download Manor Cafe MOD APK from our website.

Meet With Fairy Tales Characters

In the new version of this puzzle game, we get the opportunity to meet our favorite fairy tale characters such as Red Riding Hood and Cinderella. They help us in our mission to restore the land. Now, you can also check Brain Out MOD APK.

Getting Help From The Characters

Another amazing feature of the latest version of Evermerge Hack APK is that we can get assistance from newly unlocked characters. They clear obstacles and gather resources for us. In addition, we can upgrade our magical unicorns, and unlock their special abilities to assist us in various ways.

Multiplayer Game

Evermerge APK for Android is a multiplayer game in which we can form guilds with our friends to share resources and other valuable items. Besides, we can compete with each other in events to get the top position on the leaderboard. We can play it alone as well for practice.

Multiplayer Game

Annual Quiz Events

Every year, Evermerge APK conducts a quiz event in which a stranger visits our land and gives us a puzzle to solve. If we successfully solve the puzzle, we get an amazing reward that is exclusively available during this event.

Colorful Graphics

The graphics are very colorful and give you the feeling of a real fairyland. You can enjoy a vast, beautiful land from a top-down view. Furthermore, the smooth background music adds a relaxing vibe while you play the game.

Remove Ads

The Remove Ads mod feature guarantees that the modded APK has no ads in the gameplay just like Merge Dragons MOD APK, ensuring a gaming experience without any disruption or annoyance.

Evermerge Original Vs. MOD Comparison

Limited Money And RubiesUnlimited Money And Rubies
Limited DiamondsUnlimited Diamonds
Limited EnergyUnlimited Energy
Limited EverythingUnlimited Everything
Ad SupportedRemove Ads

My Opinion About Evermerge

Evermerge APK is the most beloved game for many kids. I always prefer to play the modded APK, because in the latest version, due to some updates, the game gets stuck at some point or malfunctions. For example, when I win a prize, it gets lost when I exit the game and I can’t find it again. In Evermerge Hack APK, I can play smoothly with free shopping and unlimited rubies and diamonds.

Evermerge APK Requirements

  • RAM: 1 GB Required
  • Processor: 2.3 GHz Octa-core Required
  • Storage: 213 MB Required
  • Android Version: 7.0 and up
  • Unknown Sources: Enable


If you enjoy watching fairy tales and magical characters, then Evermerge Mod APK is a sure way to go. It combines classical puzzle-solving, strategy, grafting, and fairytales. You play the role of savior, working to restore the land by strategically merging identical objects into new and rich items to beautify the land. In the modified version, with unlimited energy and everything, you can continue merging and evolving the fragmented land into a flourishing and beautiful landscape. In addition, with unlimited everything, we can interact with our favorite characters by unlocking them easily.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question

Yes, we can play Evermerge online with our friends.

This puzzle game is 123 MB.

We get a bigger object by combining two similar objects of smaller sizes.

You, it is possible with speed boosters.

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